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Turn Tables

Solution for small spaces

Solution for restricted access

Solution for display needs

Solution for effective space utilization

DMF has partnered with Turntableworx to fabricate residential, commercial, industrial, or public turntables. Our turntables provide the most effective, high quality solutions to your rotation or other motion needs.
  • Standard sizes range from 6 to 20ft in diameter, height from 6" to 24" and up to 12,000lbs. Custom designs go beyond 50ft and up to 100,000lbs. capacity.
  • In-ground car turntables for garage or driveway use.
  • Fully programmable for multi-position starts and stops.
  • Optional variable control speeds.
  • We can bring power, signal (AV or Computer), compressed air, or fluid to the rotating surface.
  • Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum or mild rolled steel.
  • Standard top surfaces are plywood, aluminum, or steel-custom surfaces are available or can be client installed.
  • Safe, reliable and low maintenance.
  • Available options are tilt, trundle, and lift (or any combination)

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